Sky Port. Andrey Vereshchagin

27.06.2024 20:00

Art and design gallery «A&A Interior»

RPCR Aqua Residence, Porto Montenegro
Free entry, RSVP

20:00 - Opening of the exhibition. Evening ceremony with cocktail and music.

Art & Design gallery A&A Interior kindly invites you to the opening of the exhibition:
“Sky Port. Andrey Vereshchagin”

Exhibition presents the paintings - the objects of a new, modern trend of abstract art – systematization, designated by artist Andrey Vereshchagin.

The paintings presented at the exhibition are objects of a new, modern trend of abstract art – systematization, designated in the first decade of the 2000s by Russian-American artists Dmitriy Gaev-Orlov and Andrey Vereshchagin.

"The task of systematization: to influence a person energetically, transmitting to him the principles of the triad, to restore balance and harmony to the world."
Andrey Vereshchagin, artist

"The artist artistically operates with the simplest geometric forms: ideal Platonic bodies, squares, triangles, circles on which the universe is based, combines abstract signs, putting together certain systems from them. And he directs his art, which is akin to scientific, to their study. With the fervor of Leonardo da Vinci ... the master plunges into the search for the deep laws of nature, illustrating various positions of science, acting synchronously with it. This is how those impressive formulas of light are obtained, which, full of energy, vibrate in space. Such art forces viewers to look for analogies of what is represented in nature, both material and social".
Turchin Valeriy Stefanovich
Doctor of Art History

Systematism as an artistic phenomenon obviously demonstrates its connections with the traditions of the Russian Avant-garde. He accepts the legacy of Malevich, who denied the hierarchy of the relationship between form and color and proclaimed the painted plane as the most elementary form of expression of pure color, freed from the pressure of objects, and at the same time believed that in the boundlessness of space, geometric planes of laconic forms and colors are better suited as an initial style module for general and specific processes of shaping. Relying, like the avant-garde artists, on the philosophical conceptual cognition of the world at the heart of the creative process, the artists of Systematism preserve and revive its messianic ideas: through the use of new artistic forms and symbols to influence the social environment, in general, and the thinking and behavior of an individual, in particular.

Significant in the statement of the connection between Systematism and the search for Russian Avant-garde artists of the beginning of the last century is the choice of a white background as a symbol of infinite space. Andrey Vereshchagin chooses laconic color solutions against the background of a vibrating textured white, or conditionally white – gold or silver, canvas. Moreover, the texture of the canvas is brought to a bas-relief, creating lines of energy flows, vibrations designed to harmonize the space and the viewer.

The mathematical nature of the constructions, the combination of basic geometric forms with space connects the search for Systematism with the heritage of the Avant-Garde. But in his philosophical essence, the avant-garde artist destroyed all the old ties, the basic artistic norms of the old world. In contrast, the artist of Systematism proclaims a new method of harmonizing society through the application of the principles of the triad. Remaining undoubtedly its heir, conceptually Systematism invests new meanings in the artistic forms developed by the Russian Avant-garde.

Curator: Anastasiya Degtyareva

VERESHCHAGIN Andrey Vladimirovich
Born on May 28, 1969 in Moscow

1988 - He graduated from the Art College named after A.G. Venetsianov in Tver.
1992 - "Crossroads". Central Exhibition Hall, Tver.
1994 - "Rosemary". Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1994 - "Youth Exhibition" at the Academy of Art. Washington, USA.
1996 - "Golden Brush". Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1998 - "Rosemary". Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1998 - Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2000 - Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2004 - Art Manege, Moscow.
2005 - Personal exhibition. "INTER ART GALLERY", New York, USA.
2005 - ART Expo, New York, USA.
2006 - Personal exhibition. «FINE ART BUILDING GALLERY».
2006 - "Artexpo", New York, USA.
2006 - "Group". Central House of Artists, Trenchin, Slovakia.
2006 - Art Manege, Moscow.
2007 - Group exhibition. Russian House of Science and Art. Vienna, Austria.
2007 - Group exhibition. The International Academy of Art and Culture in the Tretyakov Gallery. Engineering Building, Moscow
2008 - Art-Moscow. Laboratory of Systematization.
2008 - The course of the megalopolis of the 3rd millennium. "Miro-Building". Polytechnic Museum, Gallery “The New Gallery", Moscow.
2008 - Exposition "Systematism is an Alphabet of Suprematism". State Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow.
2009 - Opening Systematism.ORG Gallery. The exposition "The World of Systematism", 25 Novy Arbat str., Moscow.
2009 - 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Art Center Vetoshny, SYSTEMATISM ART factory & club. "The Alphabet of Systematism", Moscow.
2009 - Exhibition "Stars of contemporary art – Satellite Art". TsUM Art Foundation & RNA Foundation, Moscow.
2010 - Exposition "Systematization in the Federation". Art-Moscow, MIRAX Art Gallery, Moscow.
2012 - Exhibition "ART Concret - intelligibel". Russian House of Science and Culture, Berlin, Germany.
2014 - "Diversity of unity. The territory of the subtle energy of Systematism". Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow. Curator – V.S. Turchin, Head of the Department of Art History, Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University.
2015 - Group exhibition "Black in the square: Malevich. The science. Art". Galleries "GRAUN D Khodynka - Sandy", Moscow.
2015 - Exposition "Systematization as a formula of discovery". 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
2015 - Exposition "Systematization in the Ministry of Culture". Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Moscow.
2016 - Exposition "Systematism Art "Luxembourg Art Week. Contemporary Art Fair, Systematism Art Gallery, Luxembourg. Russian Center of Science and Culture, Luxembourg.
2017 – "Systematization". Central House of Artists, Moscow. With the support of the Gumilev Center
2018 - Exhibition at Moscow Polytechnic University
2019 - Exhibition at the Moscow State University of Printing named after Ivan Fedorov
2021 – "Systematization 2021". The West wing of the New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
2022 – "Port number 3", Art & Design gallery Mobillissimi, Moscow


Thor, orange center. 2021. Canvas, acrylic.
Port number 3. 2021. Canvas, acrylic.
The manifested Trinity. 2021. Canvas, acrylic.
Tor gold. 2021. Canvas, acrylic.

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