Life through the eyes of foreigners. Drawings by Mila Brun

14.02.2024 18:00

Art and design gallery «A&A Interior»

RPCR Aqua Residence, Porto Montenegro
Free entry, RSVP

18:00 - Opening of the exhibition. Evening ceremony with cocktail and music.

Art & Design gallery A&A Interior kindly invites you to the opening of the exhibition:

"Life through the eyes of foreigners. Drawings by Mila Brun"

Screenwriter, playwright, teacher, and translator, artist Mila Brun presents her view of the life of a foreigner in such an open and hospitable country as Montenegro. A foreigner, keenly peering into the realities of everyday life and morals, is he a stranger here?

In funny, romantic and sometimes even sad plots, quite realistic pictures of the surrounding reality are discerned. And indeed, everything is like in life: love and jealousy, great and ordinary, happiness and sadness coexist on one sheet of paper, grotesquely exaggerated with the help of a mirror of a caricature.

Date of the exhibition: 14.02.2024 – 14.03.2024

Mila Brun

She received her education in the following specialties: Faculty of Philosophy (Charles University, Prague), Faculty of Philology (Kyiv State University, Moscow State University), and Faculty of Screenwriting (Moscow School of New Cinema, Oleg Dorman’s workshop).

She has professional experience as a scriptwriter in various shows, musical concerts, and performances, also she is the author of the scenarios and costumes for film and theater productions, and the author of plays and publications (books: Moscow Fashionistas. M., 2004; Alternative Fashion. Modern Street Styles M., 2007), plays: “Beauty Contest” (Meyerhold Theater Center, Moscow, 2018), “Beach”, “Elevator” (2020), author and teacher of a particular course in the “History of Fashion” program.

Mila's artistic work was first presented to the public in 2022.

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