Pro memoria. Sergey Maksyutin. Paintings and graphics from the private collections

9.11.2023 18:00

Art and design gallery «A&A Interior»

RPCR Aqua Residence, Porto Montenegro

Free entry, RSVP

18:00 - Opening of the exhibition. Evening ceremony with cocktail and music.

Art & Design gallery A&A Interior kindly invites you to the opening of the exhibition:

"Pro memoria. Sergey Maksyutin. Paintings and graphics from the private collections"

The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of the artist and includes works from several of the author’s main cycles, on which the artist has worked over the past years.

The center of the exhibition was the “Olives” series, started by the artist in 2006, on his first visit and acquaintance with Montenegro.

Art critic Maria Gadas writes: "Maksyutin began painting Montenegro immediately after his first trip. Then his desire to turn objects into events resulted in a series of portraits of water: the artist's amazing ability to fill (in the case of water, almost literally), plotless space. Flowing into one another, these compositions, like... olive groves, overcome the conceptual idea of repeating a subject with painting. Maksyutin paints calm water and water that becomes cloudy during a storm, often bringing tree trunks to life, and in each canvas, he insists on pictorial content. Such monotonous "diaries" were once kept by impressionists, observing the subject in the changing light and their moods. But there was a lot of stubbornness in their work, a pioneering desire to find evidence. Maksyutin's painting ends within itself. The beauty of these short and so significant states of nature, in reality, lingers on his canvases, making any ideology meaningless… Olive comes from a species embodied in many life forms. But closely connected with divine and human history, it does not seem to belong to the world of plants, having forgotten photosynthesis, it approaches the animate..."

Another series of works is “Chaos Theory” (2018-2019). It is no coincidence that the author says about himself: “I am an artist of primary matter.” In these works, he boldly, thoroughly, and vividly expressed his philosophical ideas and his desire to comprehend and convey the essential states of Existence. The abyss is the basis of everything; it is around and inside a person, and it is the beginning of everything.

Addressed to the theme of cosmogony, these works depict a storm wave as a symbol of boundless abyss and disorder. Sergey Maksyutin said about this series: “Storm Wave is not an image of the sea. I want to understand for myself what chaos is. The book of Genesis says that the first thing that appeared was chaos, where there are many ideas, thoughts that have not yet been manifested. Some of them are manifested, some are not. The storm surge shows a force that is neither good nor evil.”

“To understand the meaning of water, its essence, is an exciting task for me,” said the author. “Variability, vibration, an infinity of rhythmic and irrational phenomena - what space and freedom... Water is a different reading of space, a different dimension of time... a different state. Surface - reacts to the light and color of the sky, surrounding forest, and clouds. The whole world is reflected but in a different vibrating space. The other layer is the bottom. There is sand, algae, fish, stones, sunken branches... Another world, another life...”
So the artist explored not only the water space, but also its inhabitants and created an extensive gallery of their portraits. The “Fishes” series (2020-2022), embodied on canvas and various graphic sheets, expressively tells the story of the passionate love of the artist-fisherman and artist-philosopher for close, detailed research and study of these semi-fantastic creatures. Emotional and bright, the images of fishes and crabs, caught with one’s own hands or discovered at the city market were created by the artist like a hymn to the absolute beauty of God’s ideal creation.

“I’ve been writing for a long, long time. Slow-witted. I want my works to reveal new layers of perception with each new look at them and not be unambiguous. So, I added new impressions layer by layer. The color and sensual nature should be expressed even in small areas of the canvas, which can often be seen as an abstraction full of emotion... I would like that. I don’t know if it works...”

This exhibition is organized as a sign of boundless love and gratitude to the artist and his family.

Date of the exhibition: 9.11.2023 – 9.12.2023

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1956 Mamonov, Kaliningrad region – 2023 Ulcinj, Montenegro
In 1962–1973 he studied at the studio of E.N. Volodina
1981 – graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. In 1988 he joined the Moscow Union of Artists. Since 1995, he has participated in the charity auctions “Operation Smile” by Sotheby’s in Moscow and in the charity auction of the Gorbachev Foundation in favor of the Institute of Pediatric Hematology and Transplantology named after Raisa Maksimovna Gorbacheva. In addition to easel painting, he was engaged in monumental painting. He taught at the Moscow Architectural Institute in the painting department.

Collaborated with galleries
Stanbet, Moscow
Karina Shanshieva, Moscow
Rose Azora, Moscow
Zerro, Moscow
Artmodern, Moscow
Status-Krosna, Moscow
Together, Moscow
Moscow Yard, Moscow
Art Service Center, Moscow
Vernisage, Kharkov
Kunsthaus, Germany
Albemarle, London
Manezh, Moscow
Art & design gallery Mobillissimi, Moscow

Main exhibitions
1988 Exhibition of works by Soviet artists “Balderskalde”, Copenhagen, Denmark
1989 “Russian mentality”, Vienna, Austria
1989 Personal exhibition, Schlossgalerie, Regensburg, Germany
1991 “Art-myth”, Moscow
1991 Gallery “Rama-Art”, Moscow
1991 “Golden Brush”, Central House of Artists, Moscow
1992 “Friends of Ameg”, Central House of Artists, Moscow
1993 Moscow Courtyard Gallery, Moscow
1993 Art-Modern Gallery, Moscow
1993 Vernissage Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
1994 Gallery "Krosna", Moscow
1995 Personal exhibition, Gallery "Krosna", Moscow
1995 Personal exhibition as part of the international golf championship "Open Russia", Moscow
1995 Neskuchny Garden Gallery, Moscow
1995 Personal exhibition, Siemens representative office, Moscow
1995 Union Gallery, Moscow
1995 Administration of the President of Russia, Kremlin, Moscow
1997 Association of Moscow Galleries. Ostankino Museum, Moscow
1998 “Circle of artists of the magazine “Decorative Arts”. Academy of Arts, Moscow
2000 Exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art on Neglinnaya, Moscow
2001 “Book in screens”, gallery “Segodnya”, Moscow
2003 “Exhibition of Russian artists as part of the visit of V.V. Putin", London
2006 Personal exhibition “Water”, ”Kino” gallery, Moscow
2007 Gallery “Nashchokin’s House”, Moscow
2007 Gallery “Today”, Moscow
2008 Artograph Collection, New Manege, Moscow
2009 Exhibition of Russian artists, ”Kortdor” gallery, Monaco
2010 Personal exhibition at the ”King” gallery, Moscow
2010 Participation in “Art-Manege” with the “King” gallery and the “Zerro” gallery
2010 Exhibition at the gallery “On Lenivka”, Moscow
2011 Personal exhibition at the art center “Picture” on Krymsky Val, Moscow
2012 Exhibition “One Hundred Views of the Olive Tree” together with Irina Korsakova. Kotor City Museum, Ulcinj City Museum.
2014 Exhibition “One Hundred Views of the Olive Tree” together with Irina Korsakova. Museum of Architecture, Moscow.
2016 Personal exhibition MARCHI, Moscow
2018 Exhibition “Chaos Theory”, SlovoNovo Budva
2020 Exhibition “Olives”, SlovoNovo Budva

The works are situated in
Far Eastern Art Museum, Khabarovsk; Dmitrov Art Museum; Collections of the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR and the USSR; Corporate and private collections in Russia and abroad.