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Art and design gallery «A&A Interior»

RPCR Aqua Residence, Porto Montenegro
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Art and design gallery A&A Interior with the partnership of CHE Design School presents the series of popular educational lectures (Russian, English languages).

Lecture 10:
"The secret of timeless design, using the example of the artworks of Alexander Rodchenko, Varvara Stepanova, Charles and Ray Eames"
In the lecture we want to talk about two iconic creative and family unions from different countries, which, without exaggeration, changed the face of our world!
The first tandem is the union of designers Alexander Rodchenko and Varvara Stepanova, formed in 1916, and worked together for 40 years, and the second is the union of Americans Charles Eames and Ray Kaiser, who united their creative efforts and destinies in 1938, also for a long 40 years life.
Using the example of analyzing the creative heritage of these unions, we will try to isolate and formulate the common features inherent in works of design that overcame not only the state and ideological boundaries of their time, but also time itself!
Kirill and Elena Cheburashkins - co-founders of CHE Design School, founders of CHBURDESIGN, teachers, designers of interiors, products and objects in Russia, Great Britain, Monaco, Switzerland, France and Holland.
Sergey Helmyanov - co-founder of CHE Design School, designer, architect, founder of the Stieglitz Academy's Transport Design program, author of dozens of scientific and journalistic articles on the history and theory of design.
Anatoly Mosin - architect, interior designer, urbanist, founder of Architecture Bureau PROJECT, specialist in retail architecture and HORECA, graduate of Milan Polytechnic.
CHE Design School is a design school for children and adults: this school teaches how to create and talk about design in an understandable language to people of any age and skill level. CHE Design School’s educational modules are designed for a deep immersion in the history, design theory and the active application in practice of all acquired knowledge and skills.

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